Hundreds of Gambians in the tricycle sector are likely to be jobless in December if the government implements its ban on the operation of tricycles.

Police have given the tricycle owners a grace period until December when the ban comes into effect. 

This follows a successful campaign by 

the Gambia Transport Union over the use of tricycles for commercial purposes saying it violated the country’s traffic laws.

However, some tricycle business owners have expressed concerns about the proposed ban. 

“We employed lots of Gambians and non-Gambians to serve the public who are in need of transportation,”Joe Ride Global Gambia Limited general manager Ismaila Ceesay told Gambiana. 

Mr Ceesay continued: “The number of Gambians employed here direct or indirect is huge. For only the drivers, we employed 58 drivers excluding other people like the cleaners and others.

“And some of them can make 1,500 dalasis a day in the traffic. The drivers are asked to deposit 500 dalasis every day.

“What we all need now is to find ways in bringing in laws which will allow us to operate in the country.

“The needs of the citizens should be the needs of the government. I’m hopeful that the motorists will continue to operate in the country.”

Mr Ceesay said his business also provide charitable support to Gambians including Imams. 

“Our main business right now is like, we are working for Gambians because at this moment now, Joe Ride is paying 58 Imams every month. It’s like a charity helping the Imams who are not paid for their services by their congregations. 

“You know there is no Gambian Imam who is paid at the end of month, but Joe Ride comes to support Gambians and the needy people.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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