The Gambia Democratic Party has reacted to the defection of one of its lawmakers to President Barrow’s National People’s Party as “not a surprise”, because the defector “is a one-term MP”. 

Salifu Jawo, MP for Jokadu last week announced he was switching allegiance to President Barrow’s National People’s Party. 

“I have switched allegiance from GDC to NPP. It all started when I voted YES to support the passing of the Local Government Amendment Bill which gives councils independence from party control,” the lawmaker said. 

“That’s where my problem started with my party because the party wanted me to vote NO. But I explained that Section 91(d) provides for the electorate to recall National Assembly members and we removed it. 

“We are independent from our parties and that’s why UDP could expel 8 members without them losing their seats. So, the Councils too should get similar protection; that is why I voted YES for the Local Government amendment bill.”

Reacting to his decision, GDC youth president, Momodou MC Cham, said Mr Jawo’s defection from the party doesn’t come as a surprise saying “he has been showing hanky-panky signs by refusing to attend the party’s meetings and other activities.

“His [Salifu Jawo] defection doesn’t shake GDC an inch because he can’t influence anyone in Jakadu to defect.”

“He was only a one-term MP because we have been receiving lots of complaints about him from the people he is representing in parliament. They said he is not representing GDC up to par and that has let them down,” Mr Cham added.

“So if he comes today and say he is leaving GDC for the interest of the country, that sounds false because he is only following the interest of President Barrow not the nation’s interest.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba 

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