A group of Gambian residents in the United States of America has staged a protest against President Adama Barrow who is in New York to address the UN General Assembly. 

The group staged the peaceful protest on Thursday demanding an end to what they called Barrow’s “corrupt” leadership. 

It was live-streamed on social media and the protesters could be heard chanting: “this government messed up the whole Gambia. Dictator replaced dictator.” 

“Yahya Jammeh’s disctatorship is still in place. Barrow must go. Adama Barrow must. Go we don’tneed you as a president. We are tired. Barrow, the unjust man,” said one of the protesters

Another protester added: “People are dying, people are suffering. No control, everybody is doing what they want without control. 

“People are no more secured. Gambian women’s live matter. They are dying in labour like flies. Barrow Must go.”

It’s unclear who was behind the protest and whether it was organised by an opposition party or pressure group. 

President Barrow is expected to address the UN General Assembly this afternoon. 

Meanwhile the president held a meeting on Wednesday with former UK prime minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie Blair. 

According to State House, President Adama Barrow thanked the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change for the support it continues to provide to his Government since 2017. 

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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