Tourism and Culture minister has warned his tribe men and women against voting for the opposition whom he branded as “mice” waiting for opportunities to enter the corridors of power. 

Hamat NK Bah was speaking during a political rally in State House at the weekend.

“The mice are moving around and don’t let them pass through a door or a window. Do not insult anyone and don’t offend anyone. Respect the laws of the country, but don’t allow them do what they want to do,” Bah told the State House rally.

According to him, his Fula tribe men and women are often viewed by the immigration as non-Gambians which he said “must stop”.

He claimed:” we heard the difficulties you are going through about ID card issue and we know something [about] it, but anything we say we place it on the law. How can you sent someone [away] who has ID card for 30 years?”

Mr Bah urged his tribesmen to vote for the incumbent, Adama Barrow, in next year’s presidential election. 

“The mice are moving around, if you give them your votes you will suffer the most. Vote for Adama Barrow that’s everyone’s responsibility because we have brought development that no one has brought in this country,” he said.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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