Chairman of Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) has dismissed rumours doing rounds that the ‘right to marry provision’ in draft Constitution supports gay marriage.

Speaking to Gambiana today, Justice Sulayman Jallow said: “we have a law under the criminal code that (is) prohibiting gay marriage, so people need to look in this proper context and stop sensationalising things that really are not meant to be in that form.”

He added: “the provision is clear, we have replicated what is in the 1997 Constitution, and it hasn’t been an issue in that Constitution and we have repeated the same in the draft Constitution – word for word. So, we don’t understand why it’s being an issue.”

Justice Jallow urged for constructive dialogue that would not create an avenue for division among communities adding ” I think, people need to be rational and we all need to be each other’s adviser and ensure that we worked together and ultimately we can build a constitution that we all can live with.”

He however assured Gambians who thinks “the provision reads differently, we will revisit it and take another look at it.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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