President Adama Barrow

Bakary K Badjie, National Assembly member for Foni Bintang constituency, has called on President Adama Barrow to resign if he can’t improve the country’s economic challenges.  

MP Badjie was speaking in parliament today during a debate on government’s revised budget that seeks to increase civil servants salary by 30%. 

Some Gambian economists described the salary increment as a step by Barrow to fulfiling his campaign promises. 

However, the increase in salary comes amid rising costs of living and crippling economic growth blamed on Covid-19 and Russia-Ukraine war.

“I will go further with the view that a government should learn how to create and generate income for its people than depending on loans.

“We cannot be blaming [our poor economy] on Russia-Ukraine war, and I am truly convinced that if it was not the Russia-Ukraine war, you would have blamed it on Covid-19,” he said.

Foni Bintang MP Bakary Badjie

“So, what I am saying in a sense is that there are many people who contested for the presidency, he (Adama Barrow) happens to be the president of The Gambia. If he ( Adama Barrow) cannot generate income, let him resign for the betterment of the country,” he added.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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