Bakary K Badjie, National Assembly member for Foni Binta Constituency, has protested against the prolonged stay of West African soldiers in the country and demanded revelation of how much the government is contributing to their welfare out of the ailing economy.

The parliament’s youngest lawmaker was speaking during the house’s third ordinary session as MPs debate on President Adama Barrow’s state of the nation address.

“Coming to the side of defence and security, the President clearly addresses the nation that they have achieved success. But I wonder which type of success they achieved? When we still have foreign soldiers in our land

“What is the government prepared to do about these foreign soldiers or should I say occupying forces? What mechanism does the government want to put in place to boost our armed forces to take care of their full responsibilities.”

Mr Badjie added: “Because this cannot continue and I want to ask the Vice President to tell us how much is Gambia spending on these foreign soldiers that continue to stay in our country. 

“We definitely want to know. And in addition, we want to know why most of the time, our Gambian forces are not taking the lead in our security but rather Senegalese soldiers are put in front.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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