The National Roads Authority (NRA) has warned villagers in Sabakh Sanjal to stop scraping basalt on the sides of North Bank Roads. 

In a statement, the NRA said: “It has come to the attention of the ministry of transport, works and infrastructure and the National Roads Authority with dismay that certain people from within the catchment areas of LOT 1 of the North Bank Roads in the Sabakh Sanjal area have been found sweeping and scraping basalt aggregates on the sides of the recently sealed road network 

“The ministry of transport works and infrastructure and the National Roads Authority are appealing to the general public more so the communities in the vicinity of the said roads, to desist from such act and to report any incident of this nature to a nearby police station.”

“This activity is unacceptable as it can severely interfere with the structural integrity of the road in the long term,” the statement added. 

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