Former minister of Agriculture has slammed APRC supporters for demanding the return of former president Yahya Jammeh from exile.

Two weeks ago thousands of APRC supporters took to the streets to demand the return of Yahya Jammeh.

But Omar A Jallow alias OJ who spoke to Gambiana today, said:”what APRC is doing in this country is unacceptable, after all the treacherous and (serious) violations of human rights that have happened here in the 22 years of the Jammeh regime. All those sons and daughters of who were killed, tortured, rape (by his regime) and (yet) still the APRC want Yahya Jammeh to come back here in honour.”

Mr Jallow was among thousands of people who marched to Westfield today to demand Jammeh faces Justice for his alleged crimes.

“What the APRC should have done is to show remorse and beg for forgiveness and to accept their faults (wrongs) so that Gambians will try to heal,” Omar Jallow told Gambiana.

According to OJ, “if APRC wants to still glorify the person who had committed the most heinous human rights violations in the world then there is something wrong with them.”

He said that they “will not tolerate such move from APRC anymore for demanding Jammeh’s return”.

Thousands of Jammeh victims and their supporters today march to demand the prosecution of former president Yahya Jammeh for alleged human rights crimes during his 22 year rule.

The march which was dubbed the “March for Justice” was organised by the Victims Centre who wants the Barrow administration to expedite the prosecution of former president Jammeh.

The victims of Jammeh and their supporters march from Westfield roundabout to the Alliance Franco Gambian Centre where they read out a petition and handed it over to the government spokesman Ebrima Sankareh.

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