I would advise my brothers and sisters not to be enticed by anything on this earth to share their nude pictures and videos. It doesn’t make any sense and it would be foolish of the person doing it if it got leaked. We are in a generation of technology, which should be enough to teach correct human beings how to go by their activities.

Abruptly turn down any request of sharing nude pictures and videos over the internet even if your spouse demands you to do so. Much more someone you have no legal authority over being a partner with him or her.

Yes, some would say, it can happen to anyone. I say that’s untrue. Not everybody can be overwhelmed by Satan. And it would be stupid for anyone to attempt such evil practices much more a married man or a woman to be found culpable of committing such doggy action. Even animals are not sharing their nude pictures and videos. 

We shouldn’t be condoning and encouraging some inhumane actions which were not known by our society. Yes, it’s your business and no one would dare to penalise you for appearing naked on social media doing some wrong actions in the so-called name of love and sex.

GAP leader Lamin Bojang is embroiled in a nude video scandal.

And the reasons behind all these doggy nude videos are about ‘sex’! Noting else but only sex!  Mathematically, 90% of the leaked nude videos and pictures are all done by married people. 

How could any normal human being with his/her five common senses stripped naked and shares such with a so-called relationship partner?

This has damaged the image and character of many folks both at home and abroad. I just can’t fathom how can a fully matured man and a woman with his/her five common senses attempt and practice videoing him/herself naked just to please someone? 

I would label such people as really crazy and stupid people because they would worth nothing much valued in societies having their nude videos and pictures circulating on social media for eternity. 

They have just put their families and loved ones into a pool of shame and mannerlessness and damage that would never be made good again on earth.

Finally, let’s repent and seek Allah’s forgiveness. Most of these actions are as a result of being overwhelmed with sins. 

By Adama Makasuba.

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