Nude photos of Gambia Action Party leader and presidential aspirant Lamin Bojang has been leaked online. 

According to sources the pornographic  video and photos showed Mr. Bojang in a compromising position. Gambiana has not seen the footage so we are in no position to independently verify the details.

Mr. Bojang said the pornographic video is “fake” and a smear campaign 

“It is a doctored video. It is a fake video. That was not me. There are scammers, who are out to tarnish my image. I am innocent. They want to dent my image,” he told Freedom newspaper. 

“When this thing happened immediately, I had to deactivate my account and I contacted Interpol. And the person, who is doing this thing also contacted a friend of mine in the UK and requested that we give him 5,000 Euros.

A screenshot from the pornographic video involving the GAP leader.

“We started playing some tricks so that we can get the through identity of the person, who is on the background. I asked my contact to tell him, that we are going to send him the money; tell him to send us a national document, an ID or passport and also his details; so, he sent us information, his name, his sure name, the country, the city that he is; his telephone number.”

Mr Bojang added: “I supplied all this information to Interpol. He started sending voice messages to this guy, saying that if we send the money, they will not circulate the video. Who is this guy, who is doing this thing to me? This what I want to know.”

He said he had called in the police to investigate the “fake” video.

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