Hamat Bah

The tribal sentiments by the minister of Culture Hon. Amat Bah have no place in pur political discourse and it must be must be challenged by all well meaning Gambians. 

This is very similar to what Yam Secka, the UDP second the command said recently and was rightly condemned for it. 

The Gambia belongs to all irrespective of who we are, hence the need for us all to exercise decorum, peaceful coexistence and other virtues our founding fathers fought for. 

No matter how long it takes each and everyone of us, we eventually meet up somewhere. It is,therefore important for us, all to be accommodating to one another and must learn from the mistakes in other countries and years it took them to rebuild their nations because of ethnic differences.  

Our internal obstacles and external oppositions create a conflict and limit the coming together of different people in the world. 

We must learn that despite our differences,all roads lead to the end

We most put aside out political, religious and enthic difference and come together for the betterment of our dear motherland. 

We have one Gambia and any form of division will be detrimental for our progress as a people. 

Today, we stand on the cusp of a new political era.  In this year 2020, let’s dare to give a meaning to Gambians legitimate aspirations to a  better Gambia free from tribalism and lack of sensitivity  but building The Gambia we want in a rapidly changing world.

By Ebrima Jawo 

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