National Assembly Gambia

Kebba Tumanding Sanneh, National Assembly member for Foni Jarrol Constituency, has blamed the Barrow government for the country’s underdevelopment. 

Mr Sanneh made the claim in Parliament 

during a debate on Barrow’s state of the nation address last week.

The opposition MP accused government officials of siphoning state resources instead of developing the country. 

He said the officials continued to blame  Jammeh regime to hide their corrupt practices. 

“We cannot continue blaming [our problems] on 22 years of dictatorship. We said that was the problem delaying our development. 

“But we forget to mention another problem which is our institutions are [riddled with] corruption.

“We never mention the six years of corruption [of the Barrow govt]. No one mentioned the millions [of dalasis that have] disappeared.”

Mr Sanneh added: “That’s why most of the challenges we are facing today are as a result of that. We never mentioned that.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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