Pa Njie Girigara, a key figure with the ruling National People’s Party, has blasted Dodou Jah, deputy spokesman for APRC for saying APRC will contest the upcoming mayoral election in Kanifing Municipality next year.

According to the business tycoon, Jah’s declaration is in absolute violation of the NPP/APRC coalition agreement and demands him to retract his statement immediately.

 “I will mention Dodou Jah has appeared in two media platforms and say, APRC will put up a candidate, it’s their right but if there is an agreement between two parties, should one person come out and speak on behalf of a party. 

“Is that their agreement? Because we didn’t hear from the speaker of the house who is the party leader of APRC and we didn’t hear from Rambo Jatta, his deputy.

“And Dodou Jah’s declaration is bringing confusion between NPP-APRC coalition, and we believe if what Dodou Jah is saying is not an official statement of APRC, we are asking him to go back to the media and say we have not decided on putting up a candidate,” he added.

“I believe that APRC has all rights to distance themselves from what Dodou Jah is saying in the media so that people can know this is the stand of the APRC executive. 

“But if that doesn’t happen, where Dodou Jah almost every day goes to the media platforms, if he continues to say such things, it will bring more confusion between our relationship,” he continued

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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