Villagers in Sare Omar have clashed with Senegalese troops who “illegally” entered The Gambia through the Jarra border.

The Senegalese soldiers were believed to have been pursuing log smugglers from the other side of the border. 

Videos showing Senegalese troops clashing with the villagers emerged on social media on Wednesday. The intrusion has sparked outrage among members of the public.

Gambian soldiers were reportedly deployed to the village to keep the peace and secure the border. 

Army spokesman Major Lamin K. Sanyang who spoke to Gambiana said there was no confrontation between villagers and Senegalese troops but added that “we know that area is a timber business centre which is important for both the Gambia and Senegal.”

He said: “we have immediately sent second infantry battalion team from Pakaliba under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Sanyang of Farafennni Barracks to go and confirm the situation.

 “According to the report received from our dispatched military team at the border village of Sareh Omar said after consultation with villagers was that the Senegalese troops where on patrol and eventually lost their way and mistakenly enter the Gambia territory,” he added.

Senegalese gendarmerie have been making illegal incursions in The Gambia in the recent past. 

In March Senegalese gendarmerie intruded Gambia’s territory and arrested a Gambian they accused of smuggling. He was reportedly shot in the hand during the arrest and repatriated to Tambacounda. 

A similar incident was reported last December in Darsilami after Senegalese troops attempted to enter The Gambia. The villagers pushed them back after a scuffle. 

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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