Thousands of Gambians are commuting to their native towns and villages out of the Greater Banjul Area to celebrate the Eid ul Adha or Tobaski as it is locally known, with their families and loved ones.

The Banjul ferry terminal is jam-packed with people and goods as they wait to cross the 7km river to the northern part of the country.

Others have opted to using the wooden boats or canoes to cross the river.

Banjul – Barra crossing point is the most used and busiest river crossing points in the country.

Speaking to Kumba Faye, a passenger told Gambiana that: ” I am joining the wooden boats because it is much faster than the ferry.”

Meanwhile, at Barra, a commercial town, commercial cars are busy transporting people and goods to the remote villages across the North of the country.

But many passengers have lamented the increased in fares.

Commercial drivers have now increased twenty-five dalasi on the legally agreed fare price.

This has been a culture in the country that fares are increased ahead of such national celebrations and festivals.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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