Three women have been violently robbed of their mobile phones and cash in Bundung Borehole. 

The victims were left with cuts and bruises after the terrifying ordeal. 

Residents are calling on police to step up security in the neighbourhood. 

Molamin Sanneh, a resident of Bundung Borehole, told Gambiana that “The incident shocked the entire residents of Bundung even though crime rate is low as the police PRO said a few months ago, I think this issue is an alert for them to push hard again.”

“The armed robbers are heartless and the police should be very active in their community policing because so many lives are at risk,” he added.

He said that women are vulnerable “that is why in most cases arm robbers take that as an advantage.”

Awa Sambou, another resident, told Gambiana: “It’s a pity that a small country like the Gambia lacks security. We all stand to be our own security and always fear even when we are in our houses. 

“The government should come out and address the issue of crimes in this country because no life is replaceable. When you lose someone, the victims go to Mile 2 and that is the end.”

She said that the country should have a tight security system whereby even late at night you can freely walk to your destination, adding that “gone were the days when people go to ceremonies and parties until late night and get to their destinations safely.”

Lamin Yaffa called for the government’s intervention as soon as possible, adding that “a few months ago crimes were lesser but it is like the trend wants to continue again which could cause so many harm in the society if actions are not taken urgently.”

There has been a sharp rise in crimes relating to robbery, knife stabbing and stealing within the Greater Banjul Area despite police reports that crimes are on the decline.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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