Gambian traders have been strongly warned against price escalation following the devastating windstorm last week. 

The Ministry of Trade Industry, Regional Integration and Employment (MOTIE) in a press release said traders began increasing prices on corrugated iron sheets in the aftermath of the disaster.

The ministry said it “noticed with concern an increase in the price of corrugated iron sheet 14 Millimetre from D1800 per packet in Mid-June to D2,200 currently. Similarly, the prices of nails and iron rods are also rising.

“These increases are taking place in the aftermath of the devastating storm that adversely affected the country last week. 

“The Ministry hereby notifies all traders that undue price escalations are not in line with the free-market principles and contradict section 11 (2a) of The Gambia Consumer Protection Act 2014.”

“Traders should not take advantage of the Natural Disasters that affect the country and should desist from any practice that is not supporting consumer welfare. 

“The Ministry remains committed to free market principles but will take necessary measures against any trader that violates The Gambia Competition and consumer protection Act,” the statement added.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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