Gambia Transport Union has accused the police of mounting “unofficial checkpoints” which “affect the work of drivers”.

The Union which represents the interests of commercial drivers advice police to “stick to their official checkpoints”. 

Omar Ceesay, the Union president, said: “we are cognisant of the importance of temporal check points, but they shouldn’t be maintained as permanent ones.

“Their operations should be a need base, and not otherwise.”

He added: “in order to enhance security and coordinated data collection on freight traffic, the Union highly recommends that there should be compulsory introduction of a manifest for both domestic and international traffic.”

Mr Ceesay called on the government to “revisit the issue of check points” saying “there is a need to balance the security and efficiency objectives of travellers.”

He also urged the government to improve the safety of both passengers and vehicles by installing standard speed humps in strategic locations across the country to improve road safety.

“There is a need for the government in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders especially local councils and the private sector to establish on street and off-street parking facilities especially in the Greater Banjul Area where the issue of traffic congestion is more visible,” he said.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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