Atlantic Pharmaceuticals Company is registered in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States.

It was granted permission to import medicines and medical-related products in The Gambia. 

The firm ordered 50,000 bottles of contaminated cough syrup from Indian Maiden Pharmaceutical Company, according to Gambia police. 

The founder and president of the company is 44-year-old father of two Anthony Soscia who claimed to be a senior pharmaceutical leader with 25 years of experience growing companies and portfolios in “both the branded generic and generic space”. 

The only problem is that the company is a one man firm. Mr Socia is listed as  president, co-founder and marketing manager. 

No one else is associated with the company and there is no activity in the US to show that it is trading there. 

And Mr Soscia’s digital footprint is nearly nonexistent. 

He also claimed to be president and co-founder of another one-man company called Captura Biopharma. 

Who authorised him to import medication to The Gambia. The health authorities in Gambia have a lot of explaining to do. 

Gambia police should declare Mr Soscia a person of interest and contact their US counterparts for support in their investigation. 

Gambiana has contacted Mr Soscia for comment.

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