Where were Gambians when Halifa said he did not want to expose himself to be fired by an idiot (my emphasis)? And what did we say then, to him? He saw the foolishness and today, the foolish are fired. But no, we will pretend we were not here when he said it all because he did not come from a particular tribe. If everything Halifa and PDOIS demonstrated to Gambians are not enough to win them support, then our tribal chain is tighter than we can ever imagine.

Today, all but Hamat Bah and Dr Isatou Touray have not yet been fired and there is a reason for that – serious ass-licking. We have resolved to be mediocre over choosing the best citizens or group to lead in PDOIS. Love them or hate them, but they are an entire league of their own. Everything we claimed to have fought for, they have and then some. But when tribalism is more important than progress, this is the result. All because Mandinkas want Ousainou to be president for Mandinkas at all cost. Fulas want Kandeh or Hamat to be president for them at all cost. Jolas choose Yahya for them murders and theft notwithstanding. We have a tribal disease that is not about to be cured anytime soon.

The funny thing with Africans is, we think the rest of the world does not see our behind. We talk about our partners, like the scale is balance. No, all the so-called partners see is raw people who are yet to be civilized. If there is another round of wiki leaks, you’d be surprised what they will say about the political idiots in the Gambia.

It is as if we have our brain on loan. We fought Yahya for his callousness, criminality, tribalism, and theft, only to be replaced by the same, except for the mass murders, and it is too early to call that one for there is no telling the way things are heading. Our mind is the greatest enemy we have before any outside force. That is why Trump said what most Western leaders think of Africa but would not say in the open – a compilation of shit hole nations and by extension, it’s peoples. All, because of what our mind produces. It hurts, but it’s the truth. So, what are we going to do about it? We have two choices, either change for the better or get stuck on more stupidity. It’s up to us.

Joe Sambou

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