Fatou Jagne-Senghore

Frederick Douglass said that knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave. Douglass was a slave. Then he became free. He traversed the whole of America preaching abolition. Douglass was a living antithesis to the widely held view then that an African was of inferior intelligence. An orator par excellence, he astonished his audiences who often wondered how a man so talented could ever have been a slave.

Let’s break this down. Knowledge and wisdom will take you places good looks, money, power, and papers won’t. That is true.

You are a woman. You think singing gender equality is the in-thing. That is fine. But it is never going to amount to anything if you do not get down to work, get knowledge, search for wisdom, and get the right skills.

Slogans, declarations, and ideologizing won’t help where getting your hands dirty is needed. For example, women like Dr. Isatou Sarr, Jainaba Nyang, Rohie Coker-Mbenga, Aminata Rose Eunson, Marie Cham, Pullo Samba, Dr. Sukai Prom- Jackson, Dr. Mariama Sarr- Ceesay, Ndey Jobarteh, Sigga Jagne, Maimouna Sidibe, Aisha Darboe, Isatou Anna- Njie, Ndey Tapha Sosseh, Fatou Jagne-Senghor, Isatou Njie-Jeng, etc.

These women earn a lot more money than most Gambian men can dream of. They are not in Facebook singing men are trash. They are in their offices, homes, and streets working as men do. Knowledge makes a woman unfit to be a housewife.

About 150 years on, Frederick Douglass is regarded with much more respect than an average black is regarded in America today because Douglass acquired knowledge. You claim as a Gambian feminist without a general understanding of feminism recent and early literatures on feminist epistemology and cannot provide examples of qualitative research based on feminist epistemological assumptions.

Research that reinvents rather than recycles management theory, producing alternatives understandings which speak to the demands of managing of post -corporate workplaces characterized by growing levels of diversity and rapid discontinuous change.

If by a strange twist of fate these literatures were excised from the epistemology of feminism, 96% of these people that insult people here on social media in the name of a gender would not totally lack the language and ideology to express themselves. Tomorrow, get a book and start a habit of reading.

By Alagi Yorro Jallow

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