Then opposing parties at the media meeting. Photo credit: Star FM

A truce has been brokered between the anti-Barrow pressure group, 3 Years Jotna and the Gambia Government after mediation efforts by the Gambia Civil Society organisation.

The group was earlier in the week denied a permit to protest on January 20 by police citing “national security
concerns”. The scheduled date of the protest is the third year anniversary of the swearing of President Adama Barrow.

Operation 3 Years Jotna has now agreed to postpone the scheduled protest to January 26 and the Gambia Government has committed to grant a permit.

A joint statement issued after the mediation meeting said:

“After the consultative dialogue mediated by The Gambia civil society, and in the interests of entrenching our democracy, enhancing our National peace, the proposed 3 years Jotna demonstrations have been postponed from 19th to the 26th January 2020.

“The Gambia Goverment commits itself to grant a permit for a peaceful procession.

“The 3 Years Jotna movement confirms that they have no intention of uprooting the President of the Republic and assures all that they are not affiliated to any political party.”

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