Africell announced it has purchased $6 million of equipment in plans to modernise its internet network across Gambia.

Africell’s Head of Corporate Affairs, Musa Ceesay, told The Point last week that “the materials are currently in China and we will be shipping them into the country soon. I can assure you that if the materials arrive in the country we will never have the issue of network congestion.”

Africell took the measure after criticisms from the Gambia Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) following complaints by customers.

To calm down subscribers and the telecom regulator, Africell had to apologise and even took the lead to compensate its subscribers.

“Our customers believed in what we are doing and the services that we are offering to them. We will maintain that momentum and continue doing what we are doing, especially for the development of the country,” Mr. Ceesay said.

Africell is the current leader on the Gambian telecom market with about 60% of market share, ahead of Comium and Qcell.

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