An Angolan man who fathered 281 children with 49 wives at Mungongo Island has died aged 73. 

Francisco Tchikuteny Sabalo, a serial polygamist, was reported to have died from prostrate cancer on April 19 in Mungongo Island, Angola. 

The late Sabalo, who was affectionately called Pia Grande – Big Daddy, has been battling prostate cancer for over a year. According to one of his sons he was initially taken to the country’s capital city of Luanda as well as other places for treatment, but was returned home when his condition worsened to ensure that “if God called him, at least he would die beside the children and their mothers.” 

Pia Grande funeral. (Photo credit: VOA)

Pia Grande has been described as a dedicated family man who was loved and respected in his community.

He was said to be a passionate advocate for education and spent over $1,500 on school supplies annually for his many children. 

He told VOA in 2015 that it was his wish for some of his children to take up careers in science and technology. 

Pai Grande’s family live on subsistence farming, growing crops and rearing livestock. They also generate revenue from their sales.

Meanwhile the much loved family man and community was buried last week as 

thousand mourners flouted Angola’s coronavirus lockdown to pay their last respects to Pai Grande. 

Tributes from other family and community members also poured in during the funeral, with his first wife vowing to do everything she can to keep the family together as per her husband’s wish.

“I will do anything to keep his children fed and OK,” she told VOA.

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