Dodou Jah, spokesman for the APRC party, has hit back at Lamin Tamba of the breakaway APRC group telling him to “mind his business”.

Mr Jah’s lashing comes after Tamba posted on his Facebook wall accusing the APRC party leaders of supporting Barrow for their selfish ends. 

He wrote: “The real reason they support Barrow!

“Think with the hands, not the heads! The envelopes are the driving force.

“The masses they deceived will have no share of the below. It’s always about fool them and extort their resources.

“To be poor is a crime! Reduces your humanity if you’re not strong!”

However, Jah replied that: “now a cap has turned out to be an envelope… according to Lamin Tamba when hearts are filled with love there will be no room for character assassination and hatred.

“Let us be factual and mind our business to other people’s privacy instead of defamatory. Allah blessings cannot be hijacked.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba 

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