IEC chairman Alhaji Momar Njai

The spokesman for the former ruling party APRC says they have no confidence in the current IEC chairman Alhaji Momar Njai. 

Dodou Jah said Mr Njai should resigned as chairman and be replaced by a “God-fearing person”. 

The party has been at loggerheads with the electoral commission since its lost the 2016 presidential election which was deemed free and fair by election observers. 

It blamed the chairman for the shocking electoral defeat suffered by the party that led to the ousting of Gambia’s former dictator, Yahya Jammeh. 

“We have always been raising the alarm regarding the chairman but it seems no one wanted to listen because it was APRC which was making the noise.

“The IEC is an institution and even though we do not trust the chairman, we believe the IEC as an institution can be trusted to deliver in December. 

“There are lots of credible people within the IEC, the Joe Colleys, the Sambujang Njies and others. Those people can be trusted,” Mr Jah told The Standard.

“Our cry has been the IEC chairman. We feel he is ageing. We feel because of this, he is not on top of things or issues. And being a head of an institution, especially the IEC, requires a pragmatic person. That’s all that we are saying and have been saying.”

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