Silhouetted man with gun against blue wall background

At least 15 armed men in white khaftan with their faces covered are reported to have attacked Ebrima Boye and his family in Kombo Wellingara.

Speaking to the second wife of Ebrima Boye, Jainaba Boye explained that: “the armed robbers came to our home around 4am and broke my door. They asked me to tell them the homeowner and if I don’t told them where my husband is they will kill me.” 

“They later went and broke into the house of my co-wife and attacked my husband. They were in face covering,” she added.

Meanwhile, Kura Ceesay, Ebrima Boye’s first wife also explained that: “I was sleeping and I woke up around 4am and I heard a noise on our compound door and I shouted thieves, but they didn’t run away.

“They forcefully break into my home and attacked my husband. Some wore white khaftan with their faces covered and they are powerful men. When I shouted thieves, they told me, ‘keep shouting, we are not afraid’.

“They were many and they were armed with dangerous weapons. They told us they don’t need anything from us except money,” she added.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba 

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