Some of the arrested protesters of the 3 Years Jotna movement are still reporting at the Brusubi Police Station a week after they were granted bail, Gambiana can report.

Nyema Jammeh, one of the arrested protesters who is a resident of Tallinding ‘bantaba’, told Gambiana on Monday that they are in a legal limbo.

Ms Jammeh said: “we were released on bail on Tuesday (28th January) at 2pm. The police asked us to report at the station on (Wednesday) at 8am.

“We are not being taken to court yet but we are still reporting at the Brusubi Police Station.’’

The 40-year-old, who denied any involvement with the protest, explained that she was arrested by personnel of the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) around the Tallinding Highway while on her way to Serrekunda market.

“My arrest came when the Sunday crowd was dispersed and left for home. I was in bed then I received a call from my brother who asked me to bring money for him at Serrekunda,’’ she said

She continued: “I was on the high-way when a group of PIUs rushed towards me and I also ran into a shop, where they pulled me out and took me to their headquarters in Kanifing.’’

According to Ma Jammeh, her mobile phone and personal belongings were seized upon their arrival at the detention centre. By then, she added, she was in detention together with 15 women and the movement executive leaders.

She said: “16 of us were put in a van and taken to Brusubi Police Station where we were put in a cell.

“We spent 2 days in police custody because we did not spend the night on the third day.’’

According to Ms Jammeh the police asked them to inform their relatives to get sureties who would come to deposit their ID Cards for them to get bail.

She named the other women who were detained and bailed – Mama Jammeh, Suwado Jammeh, Awa Sanjaba, Kaddy Ceesay, Aisha Fatty, Amie Jammeh, Ajie Suwareh.

About 137 protesters of the 3 Years Jotna movement were arrested after an anti-government protest turned violent.

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