Banjul Breweries factory store

The Banjul Breweries Ltd has temporary shutdown its production of beverages as negotiations with the government continues.

Several senior government officials including the ministers of Finance and Information have given assurances that the company won’t be closed down and that they have struck a deal on the 75% tax duty on alcoholic drinks.

However the managers at Banjul Breweries have disclosed to this paper that they are still awaiting the government to make its decision formal.

Borri Darboe, Country Sales and Marketing Manager of the company, said the factory has been shut down temporary while they wait on the government to finalise its decision on the tax hike. He said the decision will determine the fate of one of the oldest company in the country.

“The government decision whether to reduce the tax levy or not will determine our fate on whether to continue with the production or finally close business.

“On Friday some of our workers were invited by the authorities for a meeting and they were asked to come up with a rate at which we want our stuff to be sold. They gave them the proposal and we are now listening to them. If they don’t want to put our demands into consideration, we will shut down the company.

“As at now the company is only selling the drinks that are in our stores and when they are finished, we will stop all the activities in the company,” Mr. Darboe said.

He added “the company is going through a lot of difficulties and challenges and it is high time for the government to listen to us. We have been cooperative in all duties especially when it comes to paying taxes.”

Banjul Breweries Company is the Gambia’s only brewery and one of the oldest companies in the country. It produces soft drinks, beers and largely dependent on the tourism industry.

The company is reported to have paid over 300 million dalasis in tax in the past three years.

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