Police detectives have released under investigation Barra Alkalo Alhagie Faye over the tragic migrant boat accident last Wednesday off the coast of Mauritania.

Mr. Faye was arrested shortly after he was accused of receiving bribes from the migrants and people smugglers.

He was released yesterday while police continue with their investigation. 

A boat carrying 195 migrants left Barra on November 27 en route to Spain’s Canary Island. It ran into troubles off the coast of Mauritania when they attempted to seek help after running low on food, fuel and water. The boat capsized reportedly after hitting rocks. 63 migrants drowned while 47 were declared missing. 87 migrants survived after being rescued by the Mauritanian Coast Guard.

The migrant boat tragedy is the single biggest loss of Gambian lives since the illegal mass migration to Europe started in 2012.

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