President Adama Barrow has hinted at a plan to increase taxes as his government targets to collect 10 billion dalasis in taxes in the coming years.

Barrow made the announcement while addressing a crowd in Pakau Njogu in Upper Niumi as he embarked on an 18-day meet-the-people tour.

“There are some taxes that are paid in the country. Just like if you want to acquire a passport or if you buy a home. Every year, the government collects 5 billion dalasis on taxes. But our international donors support us with 3 billion dalasis. But their support comes with requirements because if you want to do this, they tell you to do other things,” he said.

“That’s a burden for us. Just recently, those donors came to me and said ‘your development is going very fast and you need to reduce it a bit’. And if you rely on someone to help you, you will be their slave and that slavery is what we want to end. That’s why we want to increase those taxes in the coming year. We want to collect 10 billion dalasis instead of 5 billion dalasis,” the president added.

Barrow believes this plan to increase taxes will liberate the country from being controlled by its donors whom he said give their support with requirements.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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