Fatu Camara has lambasted President Adama Barrow describing him as “the Gambia’s most ungrateful person to ever occupy that seat of power”. 

Ms Camara didn’t mince her words during a Facebook live broadcast on Tuesday where she spoke at length on the political situations in Gambia. 

The proprietor of the Fatu Network said she had lost faith in President Adama Barrow to address the developmental challenges facing The Gambia.

She said President Barrow is interested in his personal development rather than The Gambia’s development. 

She said Barrow had built two mansions at his native home Mankamangkunda within three years of his Presidency. 

Ms Camara, who is currently in the USA, branded Barrow a “hungry president” out to milk the system for his personal gains. 

She said President Barrow has betrayed his political mandate which was to oversee a transitional agenda of creating a fair and inclusive Gambia. She said that agenda has been abandoned due to “greed”.

“Some of them came very hungry. Greed came in. People become too greedy. We all knew that some of the people that came were very hungry because they never had any opportunity to live certain kind of life,” she said. 

“When they came in, we think these people are going make a difference, take care of the hospital, take care of the water issues that we have, the electricity problems that we have; that was all of us were expecting, and we knew, and I am not going to be naïve here, we knew that was not going to be fast, it was going take time.  

“But we started losing hope in all this, when we saw that there was no roadmap and there is still nor roadmap.

“There is no direction, we don’t know where we are heading to. Do we have a road map? 

“We don’t know where we are going. I once did an interview with Freedom and I said The Gambia is on an autopilot.”

She said President Barrow is taking credit for the 2016 Coalition change that ended Jammeh’s 22 years of brutal dictatorship when it was the collective efforts of Gambian’s at home and the diaspora. 

Ms Camara said all President Barrow is interested in is to entrench himself in power. 

She called on Gambians to use peaceful means to bring about the change that the country needs. 

“The time has come for Gambians to come together and salvage the country’s from Barrow’s hopeless rule,” she said.

Ms Camara said the Barrows should be grateful to Gambians for changing their fortunes. She said before Gambians sent them to the State House, the Barrows were “hungry and malnourished”.

“We change them. So, if you change people like that you don’t expect them to walk over you. 

“The reason why we put them in government is for them to work and deliver and make things happen. 

“So, if we don’t have that, what we have to do is to change them and bring whoever we think can do the job.”

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