Momodou Sabally

Momodou Sabally has attacked the opposition and critics of the Barrow administration, describing them as people who don’t want success for the nation. 

Sabally, who was a former opposition leader now appointed presidential adviser to Barrow, said many of the president’s critics wanted to see the failure of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) summit recently held in Banjul.

Barrow and his government came under criticism for the way they handled the organising and hosting of the OIC summit boycotted by several high profile Muslim heads of states and governments because of a lack of suitable accommodation including a five star hotel. 

However, Sabally said those calling the summit a “failure” are just “bitter people living with grudge” for seeing enormous developments brought by the Barrow administration.

“If you attack the Barrow government you attack me and I will not sit and allow anyone to mount a falsification attack on the government. You all want to see the OIC fail but your expectation failed. It’s because Barrow OIC was a success and its success has never happened in the country. And Barrow is here to stay and if anyone dislike this government you can go and hang yourself. That’s not our problem.”

Sabally continued: “Let’s stop the jealousy and join Barrow to develop this country. If you are appointed in a public office you should be grateful to the country and deliver to the expectation of the country. 

“You all were waiting for the OIC to fail but thank God it happened. OIC was a success and it will benefit the country and its citizens and nobody can stop that development.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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