President Adama Barrow has lauded the bilateral relations between The Gambia and Senegal as “a beacon of hope for continental integration”.

The president made the statement in Dakar at the biennial Presidential Council Meeting between the two neighbouring countries. 

‘’This assembly provides the political leadership of the two countries with an avenue to dialogue on key issues of common interest and take concrete decisions on them for the mutual benefit and socio-economic development of our two peoples.’’ 

Reflecting on the first Presidential Council Meeting held in The Gambia two years ago, President Barrow said both countries have resolved to reinforce defence and security matters as well as trade and free movement of people and services. 

He added: “although there’s been registered success at appreciable levels, more needs to be done to enable both countries to fully and successfully implement the programmes agreed jointly.

The president highlighted the joint inauguration of the Senegambia Bridge as one of the success stories to promote trade ties between the two countries. 

‘’The bridge enables free traffic flow between the northern and southern parts of both The Gambia and Senegal.  It enables farmers and traders to reap the benefits accruing from the ease of movement and, to a larger extent, facilitates increased sub-regional trade in pursuance of our ECOWAS integration objectives.’’

Touching on the burden of transport of people, good and services between the two countries, President Barrow said he is impressed with the constant engagement of the political leaders and senior officials of the two countries which are being managed and yielding results concerning the border closure. 

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