President Adama Barrow has told a rally in Foni Somita that he will rule The Gambia for 20 years and called on Gambians to accept God’s will for making him the country’s third president.

Barrow is seeking a second five-year term in office which will see him face four long-term opposition figures and an independent candidate in the December 4 presidential election.

He called on Gambians to unite for the peace and development of the country, saying everything is about time. 

Barrow said he will one day also exit the presidency like how his predecessors vacated the nation’s highest office at the State House.

“Anything you see in this world will end in history, you see this country, the British ruled it for 400 years and Sir Dawda Jawara ruled it for 30 years and Yahya Jammeh ruled it for 22 years and all these are history but until end of this world they will be in history,” he said.

“And I also will one day go and be a history but people should accept that it’s my time that’s what God has done but that doesn’t mean I am the owner of this country. This country belongs to all of us, that’s what I want Gambians to know,” he added.

“God can do anything, but I believe I will be in the presidency for 20 years in this country and I believe that the country’s leadership is like a baton which you will come and do your time and give it to someone and go.

“But what I want is to rule this country in peace and leave in peace and allow Gambians to always be in peace. But I also want to make one promise, even if I leave the presidency catering for Gambians needs will always be in my primary objective and I will continue to do that,” he added.

However his critics are calling on electorate to vote him out next month arguing that Barrow’s five year rule is “below par”.

They said Barrow is not up to the job of running the country and should be replaced by a competent leader. 

But his supporters disagreed saying that he is governing the country well. 

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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