President Adama Barrow has promised to bring back the draft constitution to ensure a presidential term limits. 

Speaking to reporters at State House yesterday (7 December), President Barrow said: “I am a big fan of term limits and since I was launching the project that was part of my statement. I am a big fan of absolute majority.”

“As I said: this thing is not the president issue. It has gone through processes, the document got to the National Assembly and they disagreed on it and we negotiated through mediation.

“I assure you; I want the document to be part of my project [and] I assure you; you will have a new constitution before the next presidential election. No doubt about that and I’ll make sure it happens.” 

The president has received a new mandate from the Gambian people after winning a landslide.

He promised to continue with his infrastructural development policy saying The Gambians re-elected him with the task to complete his development projects.

“I will still continue the infrastructural development. As I said, no infrastructure, no development,” he said.  

Reporting by Adama Makasuba 

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