Shop owners and traders at Basse market have been left devastated after their shops with goods and merchandises were destroyed by a fire last night. 

The victims whose merchandises and goods worth millions of dalasi were destroyed have been left penniless as their means of livelihood have been taken away from them. 

“Nothing is left of it. The market has been burnt down to ashes. Many people in Basse and their surroundings’ livelihood depend on the outcome of tradings from this market. It’s all gone within one night. This is both devastating and disheartening for the people,” a resident of Basse told Gambiana.

A gofundme has been launched to raise funds for the victims of the Basse Market fire. The organisers of the fund said in a statement: 

“Momodou B Krubally and Friends of Basse want to help via raising funds on gofundme. Please help with however little you can chip in. This might not help the victims gain their losses back, but could go a long way to alleviate the difficulties they will be faced with their families.”

Here’s a link to the gofundme page. Please donate generously:

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