A Mali-registered bus got stuck on the ramp at Barra ferry terminal due to brake malfunction during a repair work. 

The bus was partially submerged in water causing delay for commuters as the ferry couldn’t dock on the terminal. 

There was no death or injury reported as the driver and his apprentice escaped unhurt. 

An eyewitness Yankuba Dumbuya told Gambiana that the the situation was chaotic and terrifying but added “no one died or injured. The bus was later removed.”

Meanwhile, Gambia  Ferry Service has apologised for the incident and promised safety of people and their goods. 

According to the Ferry Service, the bus was broken and the driver asked his team to help push it towards the ramp so that it can enter onto the ferry once it landed.

“It was during that push that the bus veered towards the landing bridge and partly plunged into the water due to the malfunctioning of the brake,” it said in a statement.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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