The IEC press statement on what they termed as ‘illegal voter sensitisation’ is a very serious display of poor judgment. 

Just because the law gives the IEC the mandate to conduct voter sensitisation doesn’t mean that individuals are excluded from partaking in similar exercises of their own. 

IEC chairman Alhaji Momar Njai

There is no law against private individuals conducting voter sensitisation and so they can do it. Public bodies derive their rights and authority from the law, but private individuals and groups are free to do anything as long as it is not prohibited by law.

The ‘Operation No illegal Voting’ group is doing nothing wrong save for allegedly using IEC logo, and should therefore just ignore the IEC and continue with their noble civic activities without impersonating the IEC. 

This may be detrimental to NPP’s plan to scupper the electoral prospects of the opposition, but it is not illegal.

I urge every Gambian to speak in support of Operations No Illegal Voting, because they are doing a splendid job in trying to prevent illegal voting and to ensure free, fair and credible elections in December 2021, which is in the public interest.

How on earth can voter sensitisation be illegal in a democracy??

Suntu S. Daffeh

UDP supporter 

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