The Gambia government has instituted a mandatory 14 days quarantine for passengers, Gambians and non Gambians alike from 47 countries, entering the country. 

The government said in a statement on Thursday afternoon that: 

“Cabinet has approved that individuals (Gambian & Non Gambian) travelling from 47 countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas to The Gambia will undergo mandatory quarantine for 14 days. 

“This decision will be reviewed regularly and the public will be informed accordingly. The forty-seven countries are as follows:

​Asian and Pacific Region

1. China

2. Republic of Korea

3. Japan

4. Malaysia

5. Australia

6. Singapore

7. Philippines

8. Indonesia

9. Thailand

10. India

European Region

11. Italy

12. Spain

13. France

14. Germany

15. Switzerland

16. The United Kingdom

17. Netherlands

18. Norway

19. Austria

20. Belgium

21. Sweden

22. Denmark

23. Czechia

24. Greece

25. Portugal

26. Israel

27. Finland

28. Slovenia

29. Ireland

30. Estonia

31. Iceland

32. Romania

33. Poland

34. San Marino

Eastern Mediterranean Region

35. Islamic Republic of Iran

36. Qatar

37. Bahrain

38. Pakistan

39. Egypt

40. Saudi Arabia

41. Kuwait

42. Iraq

43. Lebanon


44. United States of America

45. Canada

46. Brazil

47. Chile

The Gambia confirmed its first coronavirus virus case on Tuesday after a 21-year-old Gambian woman who returned to the country on Sunday night in on a Royal Air Maroc flight from the U.K. tested positive for the virus. 

She has been quarantined at the Medical Research Council, the country’s only infectious disease hospital, where she is receiving medical care and support. 

Health officials are contact tracing all the passengers on the flight with the victim. 

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