D20 million has so far been spent on quarantine since the deadly coronavirus emerged in the country in March, Health minister Dr Ahmad Samateh told lawmakers on Saturday.

The Gambia’s coronavirus cases peaked at 23 with 9 recoveries and 1 death. 1440 tests have been conducted and 375 people completed the global 14 days mandatory quarantine leaving 94 people still in quarantine.

“We have spent over 20million dalasis on quarantine facilities and this will take long way in this constrain main stages,” Dr Samateh said.

He however hinted that with a coronavirus projection which showed “the country could be seeing 300,000 cases within 300 days if social distancing is ignored.”

The Kotu National Public Health Laboratory is ready and they will start doing the testing and Medical Research Council (MRC) are also extending the coronavirus testing to Keneba and Basse “so that people will not have to come all the way down here to get tested.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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