Ousainou Darboe, leader of the opposition United Democratic Party, has ripped into President Adama Barrow for mocking his party bureaus like “Narr” shops.

Speaking at a news conference at UDP Bureau in Manjai Kunda, Darboe described Barrow’s mock remark as “insulting and low of a president” who is “obsessed with UDP”. 

“Is there any justification for the president to refer to the UDP as a ‘Bana-Bana’ party? Because he didn’t say UDP but we all know it was UDP he was referring to as a ‘Bana Bana’ party. It was the UDP because it was said that they were going to open their bureau but postponed it

“They postponed the inauguration of their Narr bureau because he was going out. We think that this was very insulting. We think that this is very demeaning. It was very unpresidential to reduce himself to the level of what I could call a veranda politician. We even conclude that he was referring to the bureau, Talib Ahmed Bensouda would inherit from the current leadership of the United Democratic Party.”

“We couldn’t have anything more insulting, more degrading than such a statement from a president of a country, who should be addressing the everyday problem of The Gambian people. 

“But rather he is so obsessed with the United Democratic Party. He is obsessed with who would be the person contesting against him. Should the president go that low to reduce himself to a veranda boy,” he added.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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