A Gambian soldier who was filmed drinking alcohol in a public transport faces investigation, the army said. 

The video of Warrant Officer Class 2 Ousman Touray emerged late Tuesday on social media and he was seen arguing with passengers who challenged him about drinking alcohol in a commercial vehicle.

His action sparked a huge condemnation as hundreds of Gambians took to social media demanding the army to hand him a severe punishment.

Army spokesman Major Lamin Sanyang told Gambiana: “He is currently helping the army in their investigation in detention at Yundum Barracks.”

He added “we are going to deal with this one seriously on his unprofessional and unethical behaviour” adding “what was evidence is that he was drunk while he is in uniform and this is an act which is not condone in the military – it’s unethical, it’s unprofessional and he will not go unpunished.”

“Now that he’s been arrested the whole incident is going to be investigated to find out what really happened and from that investigation recommendations will come out as to what action should we take.” 

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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