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Welcome to Gambiana your new media platform. Our editorial policy is the pursuit of truth and the encouragement, defence and promotion of the highest quality of journalism that is free from biases and partisanship.

As The Gambia builds her young democracy, we have decided to be part of that process by creating a platform that support free speech and expression. We have a zero tolerance for fake news and propaganda.

We will provide you with articles and news items that are insightful, informative, acerbic and interesting. In that regard we are assembling the best journalists and writers to report the news and provide sharp analysis on issues affecting Gambians at home and abroad.

At Gambiana we believe in ideas. It’s the greatest currency for social change and progress. We will give expression to ideas and thoughts that aim to cure all our ills and we will fight vociferously against the timid ignorance obstructing our progress.

As an independent media platform, Gambiana strives to reflect the views and aspirations of a broad spectrum of Gambians, publishing objective, factual and balanced coverage of the news in pursuit of the highest standards of journalism.

As we embark on this exciting and exhilarating journey, we call on all readers to join us in our strive to take The Gambia to higher heights. Like and follow our page to join the conversation and debates.

We value thoughtful and intelligent comments that represent a range of views. A few things we won’t tolerate here: personal attacks, obscenity, vulgarity and profanity.

Think Gambia. Think Gambiana.

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Momodou Musa Touray
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