Edward Singhateh testifying at the TRRC

Sana Sabally, former AFPRC Junta vice chairman, was convicted on trump up charges, claimed Edward Singhateh, a former close associate of Jammeh who led the team that arrested Sabally.

Mr. Singhatey was continuing his testimony which began last week Wednesday before the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission in Banjul.

He told the Commission on Monday that Sana Sabally was “wrongly” convicted and jailed for nine years in 1994 by the former AFPRC Junta after falling out with Jammeh.

Sana Sabally, former AFPRC vice chairman before his arrest in 1994

When the Commission’s lead counsel Essa Faal asked him whether the charges against Sabally were “false”.

“Yes sir, that was false. It was false. Yes, sir it was,” Mr Singhateh replied.

He expressed regret for the arrest of Mr Sabally saying “you see counsel I deeply regret my involvement in the arrest of Sana Sabally, it is highly regrettable.

“I am sorry, I’m extremely sorry. I couldn’t imagine how much pain he had gone through, and I wish to tell him that I’m really sorry in person.”

Mr. Singhatey explained how Sabally and Hydara were arrested at the State House.

“As soon as they came to the corridor, I came out with my pistol. I told them to halt and they halted. I called the orderlies and they were asked to raise their hands up and they were handcuffed.”

He said they later found live rounds in Sana’s pistol. He claimed Sana was ready to fire adding that the orderlies to Sana and Sadibu were also arrested at the same spot.

The former junta vice chairman said he later took Sana and Sadibou to Mile Two Prison. He said the two former AFPRC Council members were taken to court but that Sadibou Hydara passed away before the trial ended.

Mr. Singhatey denied any knowledge of Sana Sabally’s torture at Mile Two Prison.

He also insisted that “Yahya Jammeh could have been arrested and shot by Sana Sabally and Sadibu Hyadara”, adding “all the junta members were moving with their weapons all the time”.

Edward Singhatey has been implicated in several high profile human rights violations including the killing of dozens of soldiers on November 11 and the death of former Finance Minister Ousman Koro Ceesay.

Last week, Mr. Singhatey admitted his role in human rights abuses but claimed it was a collective responsibility of the AFPRC Junta leaders.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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