Essa Faal, TRRC’s lead counsel, has warned a former NIA agent accused of serious human rights violations including torture that he would not get amnesty if he continued to lie during his testimony. 

Omar Cham was given the warning on his second day of testimony before the Commission after dozens of witnesses  mentioned him as one of their “torturers”at the NIA. 

Mr Cham had earlier denied the torture allegations levelled against him. 

“Mr witness let me tell you something clearly you have committed offences. In fact, many offences,” Mr Faal told him. 

But after the warning of the TRRC lead counsel Essa Faal, he is beginning to cooperate with the Commission. 

Mr Cham replied: “yes serious ones for that matter and I agree.”

Mr Faal continued: “if you are not granted amnesty you will be prosecuted.”

Mr Cham agreed. 

NIA agent Omar Cham

“Yes I know that and I will keep that in my mind until I enter my grave. Yes even yesterday I apologise to those whom I offended and I will still apologise to them to forgive me after my testimony today,” Mr Cham said. 

“And do you realise if you continue to speak untruth you do not qualify for amnesty?” Mr Faal queried. 

The apologetic Omar Cham replied: “that’s clear to me very well.”

The hearing continues. 

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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