Former Gambian soldier Michael Sang Correa has lost his appeal to get torture charges against him dismissed at a US federal court. 

Correa, a former state guard soldier and member of Jammeh’s notorious Jungler group, faces seven torture-related counts for alleged crimes committed in the Gambia. 

He is being investigated for his involvement in the investigation of an unsuccessful 2006 coup attempt against then-President Yahya Jammeh. 

Correa was allegedly part of an armed unit under Jammeh’s control that tortured multiple coup suspects.

He was arrested in Denver, Colorado four years ago after relocating to the US. 

Last December, Correa lodged an appeal against his 2020 indictment by a federal grand jury in Colorado. 

However, last month U.S. District Court Senior Judge Christine M. Arguello dismissed Correa’s appeal. 

Arguello declined to dismiss the case for three reasons: Correa was on notice his alleged conduct violated U.S. law, torture is a “universally condemned” activity, and Correa’s decision to flee The Gambia and remain in the U.S. established a sufficient enough connection for the justice system.

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