Former president Yahya Jammeh is implicated in the death of the 44 Ghanaian migrants killed in Gambia in 2005

Families of the 44 Ghanaians massacred in Gambia in 2005 and sole survivor, Martin Okyere are calling on the Government of Ghana under the leadership of President Nana Akuffo Addo to order for the extradition of Yahya Jammeh, the former president of The Gambia, to face justice in Ghana for having mercilessly dealt with these migrants under his watch.

In 2018, a Coalition of Civil Society Organization led by the Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) was formed and initiated a campaign to demand the transfer of erstwhile president of Gambia, Yahya Jammeh’s from Equitorial Guinea to Ghana. They were seeking to have him stand trial for the murder and enforced disappearance of the 44 Ghanaians in Gambia in 2005.

Since the launch of the campaign, the coalition has undertaken several activities including engagements with key institutions deeply involved in the investigation of the disappearance of the 44. Institutions including the Ghana Police Service, the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General’s Office, CSOs and individuals.

The sole survivor of the killings, Martin Okyere, is calling for Jammeh’s extradition to Ghana

The group, in order to raise awareness of the “Jammeh to justice Campaign”, organized a forum in the Ashanti Region, where majority of the victims hail from, to gather support as part of efforts to bring Yahaya Jammeh and those who bear the greatest responsibility for the massacre to justice.

Addressing the forum Thursday August 1 in Kumasi, Frankie Oduru, Director of Programs and the Deputy Executive Director for CDD-Ghana, reiterated the mission and vision of the coalition, emphasizing the importance of the forum.

According to him, the reconciliation currently ongoing in Gambia has given the coalition another reason to continue their pursuit for Justice for the families of the victims.

“Some of the Military who were part of the massacre have already given a testimony of what triggered the massacre. They have made it clear it was an order from Yahaya Jammeh. With this and the evidence at our disposal we can bring Jammeh to Ghana and seek for justice”, he said.


“We started this campaign since last year. We have been in touch with various Civil Society organizations and the Government to be able to bring Jammeh to Ghana to face trial. We want to remind the President that when the incident happened in 2005, he was then the foreign Minister, we appreciate the effort he put in at that time.

“Today he is the President, he has more power than in 2005. We have already petitioned the President and are patiently waiting for his response. We are going to continue till we get that justice, we need the support of Ghanaians. We will be undergoing a national tour to engage and raise awareness on the Jammeh to Justice Campaign to the public.

“This is the right time, We hope the President of the land will lead this campaign. Jammeh is no longer powerful and bringing him to Ghana should be possible”

Families of the victims couldn’t hide their tears as they gave their testimonies one after the other.

A mother of one of the victims pleaded with Government to intervene and lead the campaign in order for Jammeh to face trial in Ghana.

“My son Eric, told me he was going abroad to get something to bring something back home, but he never returned. Yahaya Jammeh what are you going to say. Since you have killed my son, please come and kill me too. Mr President please don’t allow this issue to slide. Come to our aid”, she cried.

Another woman who lost her Son in the massacre revealed getting three square meals a day has become a problem for her since the death of her Son.

“My Son Akwesi will never return home. We all depended on him, but today what I will use to eat has now become a burden. We are really struggling”, he said.

The sole survivor of the massacre, Martin Okyere after narrating what happened in 2005, called on the President and Parliamentarians to make the issue a priority. He begged the president to expedite Jammeh to Ghana in order for him to face trial in our court of justice”

A one minute silence was observed for the families of the victims.

A similar forum will be conducted in the various regions to raise awareness of the JammehtoJustice Campaign.

(Ghana web)

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