Warrant Officer Lamin Ndure

The former driver of Yankuba Touray has told the Truth Commission that ‘Sanna Sabally ordered the killing of alleged November 11 coup plotters.”

Lamin Ndure, a Warrant Officer Class One, of the Gambia Armed Forces was testifying before the Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission on Tuesday.

“The captives were lined up and Sanna gave an order then firing started, people were fired and as a result got killed,” Officer Ndure said.

He said the killing was led by Sanna Sabally with his orderlies and other junta members with their orderlies.

According to him, he felt the killing so much and had to climbed the truck the remains of the soldiers were in.

He said all the junta members except Yahya Jammeh were present, and their orderlies including JCB Mendy, Baba Njie, Baboucarr Njie alias Njie Ponkal, Lamin Marong, Samba Jallow and Alfusainey Suso.

Yankuba Touray was a member of the defunct AFPRC junta and minister of Local Government under the APRC government.

WO1 Lamin Ndure, who said he is an unlettered guy, was recruited in the Army as a driver.

And he was attached to Yankuba Touray as a driver after the 1994 coup.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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